Beginning to See the Light

Sunday Morning Westminster

My daughter Emily was travelling in Europe recently and we agreed to meet in London for a week. Nothing beats the first morning in a new environment for fresh seeing. I live on the outskirts of a tiny rural town in Newfoundland Canada. My usual environment is untouched natural wilderness which I love. Waking up in one of the world’s greatest cities was a wonderful opportunity to see with fresh eyes. This scene greeted me as I walked east on Kensington Rd. near Royal Albert Hall in Westminster.

On this morning in London, I was lucky to have such interesting light and even luckier that an iconic London black cab pulled up to a traffic light in the shaft of morning sun coming through the light mist.


About John King

I live in Newfoundland and I like to play outside.
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2 Responses to Beginning to See the Light

  1. Great photo, excellent use of the available light .

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